ECAS recruitment policy on trainees and volunteers

ECAS is a European non-profit association working in the heart of Brussels and in close contact with the EU Institutions. We benefit in this position enormously from the contribution of trainees and volunteers.

Our policy is as follows:

- EU decision-making is complex. We try to take on trainees or volunteers who have studied European integration as part of their degree or masters and have real linguistic ability. We try to give them specific, intellectually demanding work.

- It is our task as a responsible organisation not to accept all volunteers automatically. We make sure that the candidates can be self-supporting or have scholarships or grants.

- It is not possible for us to match the amounts that the EU Institutions pay their trainees, but we do better than most, generally covering the costs of food, transport and lodging in full or by matching Erasmus or Leonardo grants.

- It is important that trainees and volunteers follow the rules as regards working hours and holidays. But we recognise that they should be given more freedom than full-time staff to make contacts, attend conferences and pursue interests which may be useful for their future career.

- We always acknowledge the contribution of volunteers and trainees by naming them as authors or co-authors of publications.

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