OPEN DAYS 2011: Investing in Europe's future

ECAS tried to find out what the role of civil society will be in the financial perspective for the period 2014-2020 and also how important the objectives of Europe 2020 are for the new Cohesion Policy. In search of answers to these questions we decided to participate in OPEN DAYS 2011.

OPEN DAYS 2011, held in Brussels from 10th to 13th October, presented a wide range of important issues for the future of the European Union and Europe: from energy efficiency to cross-border cooperation, from urban development to social inclusion. 

This year’s edition’s workshops were divided into three thematic priorities: Europe 2020, Better delivery and Geography matters.

We had an opportunity to attend several workshops covering different topics within these three priorities: IPA for potential Candidate Countries, Cohesion Policy and Eastern Partnership, integration of immigrants at local and regional level, the conditionalities of future Cohesion Policy and its reference to Europe 2020 objectives. A more-detailed summary of the workshops will be provided soon.

Speakers’ professional background, as well as the commitment of the audience present at the workshops, ensured that this year’s OPEN DAYS was a very instructive event.

However, not all of our concerns about the future of Cohesion Policy and particularly about the role of NGOs in it were answered and there are still many questions to be asked.

For more information about the event, please visit OPEN DAYS 2011’s webpage


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