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Since 1 April 2012 and for the first time in history, European citizens have a real possibility to influence the EU decision making process with a new agenda setting tool – the European Citizens’ Initiative.
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is a project conducted by ECAS and four European partners that reflects on the different challenges attached to the regulation on the Citizens' Initiatives from the legal, campaigning and technical perspectives. Supported by the European Commission in its Europe for Citizens Programme, the project held information sessions in Barcelona, Paris, Vienna.

1. Legal challenges.
“Expanding the boundaries of the European citizenship: the European citizens’ initiative”
, Parliament of Catalonia 11 May 2012. Event organised by the Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation.

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2. Communication, fundraising and coalition building.
“How to communicate on the citizens’ initiative”
organised on 29 June by Toute L’Europe in Paris.
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press release from the Paris event.
Watch the entire conference on ECAS Youtube channel!

3. Technical and compliance issues.
“Assessment of the European citizens’ initiatives in practice” organised on 5 October in Vienna by the Austrian Institute for European law and policy.
Download the press release from the Vienna event.
Watch the entire conference on ECAS Youtube channel!

4. "Building the EU citizen pillar" on 5 November 2012, Brussels.
ECAS organised a conference on the status of the European Year of Citizens in 2013 and mirror different challenges the Year is facing. After the opening session,the three panels put forward ideas around three different aspects of citizenship - Rights, Access, and Belonging. The conference held on 5 of November in Brussels and co-organised by ECAS and Euronews development was attended by 180 people.

Hand Out documents

Programme Conf - Building the EU citizen pillar - 5 Nov
List of participants
Press release
Press Release Conference 5 Nov
Notes from the Conference

Final Report Conf - Building the EU citizen pillar - 5 Nov 12

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5.“European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) A case for orientation or re-orientation?", 19.03.2013, Brussels.
This seminar, jointly organized by ECAS, Democracy International the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) as well as the Committee of the Regions (COR), continued the series of events which presented and evaluated the state of play with ECIs since their early beginning (the reports of the 1st and 2nd Annual Conference are enclosed). This seminar took place just before the anniversary of the ECI regulation’s coming into force and it will set the discussion for a bigger conference in the EESC on the 9th of April. Furthermore, the event produced concrete recommendations for the 9th of April conference. The focus was therefore mainly on the assessment of this year while giving special attention to measures needed for the creation of supportive citizens’ initiative infrastructure and to the immediate and practical solutions which would allow for the success of current ECIs. What actions are needed to popularise and to encourage support for ECIs for which the clock is ticking? How can we address the immediate and practical improvements for the potential revision of the ECI regulation in 2015? And how can we place this new, transnational right in the broader context of the European Year of Citizens during which the conference will take place?
Hand Out documents

Programme of the Conference

ECI Poster
The European Citizens Initiative Briefing

Press release

European Citizens' Initiative still too weak for real change

Notes from the Conference

19 03 2013 - ECI Conf - Final Report
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Barcelona conference
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Paris conference

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Vienna Conference: playlist of videos on technical aspects of ECIs

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