Recommendations on workers' mobility

ECAS recommendations on workers' mobility in the EU-27

Recommendations for Policy Action on Workers' Mobility (download here )


Considering the concrete results of the project, the following list can be made. 

First of all, the project succeeded in launching a broad debate on mobility rights and mobility constraints thanks to the national seminars, the meeting at the European Parliament and the final conference in Brussels. 

Secondly, it has come up with an important facility for “mobile” workers – free movement rights hotline, by which ECAS legal experts were providing the free advice on the mobility rights.

It also produced a pieces of academic research, which attracted a considerable attention from the media and gathered a considerable bulk of evidence (via hotline cases and questionnaire), which brought about valuable discussion and reflection. The undeniable achievement is the exercise of the Citizens Panel on Workers’ Mobility where the participatory democracy tool was used to generate fresh ideas form citizens about improvements in the field of workers’ mobility and which also brought closer together these citizens to the EU decision-makers.

The project is judged to have affected both the EU-level decision-making process as well as to have directly helped the individuals involved and informed by the project. In the long term, the final conclusions and recommendations produced as the outcome of the project shall contribute to the better understanding and exercise of workers’ mobility rights and, hopefully, to some improvement in the official data, services and redress mechanisms.   

ECAS and partners are grateful to the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and equal opportunities which sponsored this project.


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