EU Pocket Information Kit

Do you want to know more about what is happening in the European Union but not only at the institutional level? Do you feel discouraged by thousand of static information on the website? This is something for you! From a e-Desk, to a e-magazine; or maybe do you prefer a European radio? Well you can choose the format you prefer and live Europe.

Europocket Television

europocket tv
Created by young people for young people, Europocket TV promotes multi-lingualism and currently produces contents in English, Spanish, French and Italian. Five minutes a day gives you Europe on a tray. What are you waiting for?

Cafe Babel
The first multilingual European current affairs , a unique platform of expression for the 'eurogeneration', the first generation living Europe on a day-by-day basis thanks to the Erasmus study exchange programme, the internet and an increasing mobility. Do you want to participate somehow? With cafebabel you can write articles, contribute to translate them, organize and participate to debates, create a babelblog. Find out where is your European local team and give your contribution!


Last September the European Parliament launched its own online TV channel, EuroparlTV, as an interactive and audiovisual tool that is aiming to connect the European institutions with EU citizens.

European Radio Network

European Radio Network

Euranet provides information about events in Europe no longer just from a national perspective: it reports on cultural, social, economic and political events in the EU from a pan-European perspective.


Eurodesk is a European network of information services in 27 countries providing a unique access to European information for young people and those who work with them. For a fast access to the EU information have a look to the EURODESK portal.

European Youth Portal

European Youth Portal

A gateway to citizenship and mobility for young people in Europe! The portal allows young people to have their views heard - throu gh online discussion forums, and their questions answered - through the Eurodesk Network.

EU prizes and competitions

Do you like taking pictures? Are you creative? Or are you simply interested in participating to competitions and prove your talent? This is something for you

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