Youth in Action Programme

"Youth in Action is the Programme that the European Union has set up for young people. It aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future."

For more information about the Programme, please visit The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency (EACEA) website or click here link.png

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ECAS will shortly host more volunteers in the framework of the European Voluntary Service.



Our Current EVS Project:

1. September 2012. - 1. September 2013.
Title of the project: Your Europe, Your Opportunities

Elena Balasev and Goran Momčilović are the current EVS volunteers at ECAS, working on the above mentioned project. The project will focus on innovative projects, such as the European Citizen’s House, civil society development in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey, and on ECAS communication activities. The volunteers will be involved in whole range of activities such as creating articles, newsletters, editing websites, organizing conferences and events, finding and contacting partners, etc.

The first volunteer will mainly assist in the communication activities carried out by ECAS in the scope of the ECH project, broadening the youth section of the web page, and updating the ECAS social networking profiles.

The second volunteer will be involved in information and capacity building activities in the representation office in Brussels of the NFCSD/IMPACT Center by helping to keep the communication with the partners in the Western Balkans, preparing promotional materials for this project, coordinating an internship program targeting the Croatian CSO Representatives and other activities aimed at preparing the civil society in Croatia to join the EU, doing research connected to many themes of interest for ECAS, etc.

In addition, the volunteers have both created a Facebook page on the theme “Youth employment and Creativity”. On that page they are posting interesting and useful information about opportunities for young people, in their home country as well as in Europe. Sharing the page with other people and organizations young people will receive information and involve themselves in some youth connected activities. Find the enclosed link below:

Goran's facebook page

Elena's facebook page

Our Previous EVS Projects:

1 October 2011 - 31 August 2012
Title of the Project: “Schuman Volunteers Changing Frontiers”

Anna Romanczyk is the current EVS volunteer at ECAS under the umbrella of the above mentioned project. One of her activities is to expand and broaden the set of youth oriented communication activities (“youth section” of the website offering services such as: ECAS membership, career advice, events calendar and potential workshops for students, moderation of ECAS profiles on social networking websites).

The communication activities that she is included in are the following: designing information leaflets, drafting articles for the ECAS monthly newsletter, assisting in the organisation of conferences in Brussels and in the Western Balkans, attending events on EU funding and similar topics, website editing, ECAS blog, forum, moderation of ECAS profiles on social networking websites, drafting press releases and press invitations, contacting potential partners in Poland and helping with the preparation of project proposals.

Another important activity that Anna carries out is researching the NGO sector in the EU, EECA and SEE in order to broaden her knowledge about civil society organisations and differences in working environment of third sector in different regions.


1 April 2010 - 31 January 2011 
Title of the Project: “Turning Communication into Exchange. Communicating Europe with Youth”


Aleksandra Czajkowska (Poland):

“My EVS at ECAS enabled me to participate in a variety of tasks and turned out to be a great learning experience as it resulted in my deep understanding of the challenges of working in a multi-national environment and in the CSO sector. I gained insight into administrative issues and procedures, got acquainted with and participated in project management, drafting of budgets, fundraising, filling in project applications and writing project reports. I also got to know the structures and the decision making process of the EU as well as gained understanding of the role of European Associations in Brussels and broadened my knowledge of these topics. My other tasks included designing information leaflets, drafting articles for newsletters, assisting in the organisation of conferences and events in Brussels, website editing, database, ECAS blog, forum and social networking profiles management, contacting partners and media, looking for new partners, conducting research and mapping. I assisted in logistical aspects related to the implementation of various ECAS projects. Furthermore, I actively participated in the creation of the European Civil Society House, a major ECAS project which I hope will turn out to be a great success in the years to come. I really recommend Brussels, a great multicultural and lively city with an immense cultural offer. EVS is definitely an option worth considering.” 


Elisabeth Victoria Lasky (Italy):

"During my 10 month stay, I got an excellent first-hand experience in advocacy, communication and campaigning. My tasks included monitoring the development of article 11.4 (citizens’ initiatives); realization of several surveys concerning the development of the European Civil Society House and the Citizens’ Initiative; research on Government-Third sector agreements in Europe, extensive drafting and writing (publications, briefing notes, press releases, communication 2.0). All in all, at ECAS I have been able to implement and deepen most of the skills acquired through my degree programmes through learning by doing in a dynamic environment".  




18 March 2009-17 March 2010

Title of the Project: “Civil Society in the Eastern Neighbourhood: Making Change Happen Through Partnership”  

Lyubov Vasylchuk (Ukraine):

"EVS was in a way a learning process for me even regarding my expectations. As I already knew a lot about EVS before my project started, I knew what type of experience I will get and what learning process I will go through, but I couldn’t predict that it might be so challenging and exciting at the same time. I am fully glad with my results, working at ECAS and living in Brussels. I got more practical experience and I learned a lot from international scale of work of my Hosting organizations. My EVS project was really in a good timing and I had a chance to experience a lot of changes and to be involved in different types of work, what gave me a really good learning experience. During this year my Hosting Organization had: big conferences, meetings and training; projects which were starting, finishing and developing; research initiatives; communication and promotional activities, change of the office place and restructuring; starting up new initiatives; complete redesign of the web-site; setting up and opening of representation office for Balkans… Each of initiatives gave me an opportunity to be involved in and assist to Project Manager, Director or other workers. Such multitasking made my service more interesting and useful in the learning process.”


15 October 2008-14 October 2009
Title of the Project “Communicating Europe”

Daniel Kaminski (Poland):

"The EVS project at ECAS thought me a wide range of competences, e.g. communication skills, intercultural sensitivity, flexibility, creativity, ability to work in a team and cultural self-awareness. The project also increased my knowledge about EU structures and policies concerning workers mobility, citizenship rights, freedom of movement and structural funds. I also learnt a wide range of skills that might be useful for finding a job in the future. These are, for instance, skills related to project management, organisation of conferences, website management, database maintenance and communication and promotion activities. Working for ECAS for sure requires from volunteers some flexible attitude and self-reliance because volunteers can suggest by themselves what they could do, what they could take up or how their tasks could be modified. I am sure experience at ECAS can be valuable and can teach a lot in terms of knowledge and some practical abilities because the scope of ECAS activities is wide. Furthermore, thanks to living in a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment of Brussels and working together with representatives of different nationalities, I undoubtedly raised my cultural awareness and learnt a lot about intercultural dialogue. The mutual understanding of the way of working and of communicating was crucial in order to achieve goals of particular projects. EVS also means more informal learning in terms of social aspects. That gives a great opportunity to meet new people, to dive into the local life of Brussels and learn a lot about different aspects of life. I managed to get integrated into the local (however very international) Brussels community, to learn a lot about the city and the social life there as well as to travel around the country and to get in touch with Belgian culture. It might sound high-flown but this is what I experienced and I think this was the most valuable part of my EVS project and I am really delighted I had the chance to be an EVS volunteer in Brussels. I would undoubtedly recommend the EVS to others. It definitely gives an opportunity for personal development, gaining new skills and knowledge as well as for increasing intercultural awareness."


  01 October 2008-21 July 2009

Title of the Project: “Communicating Europe”

Laura Pipponzi (Italy):

"Thanks to the EVS project I could practice on the day-by-day basis English and I had the possibility to start learning French, which was a new language for me. The multicultural staff of the organziation and the international environment of Brussels gave me the opportunity to discover more about different cultures and to pay more attention to traditions and habits of the other. Assistance in Conference organization was one of the most challenging tasks, but it helped me a lot because I could test myself in terms of ability to communicate in a foreign language and to practice my skills. This project represented for me an opportunity to become acquainted with the structures and the decision making process of the EU institutions as well as get an in-depth understanding of the role of European Associations in Brussels. I learnt more about fundraising, European active citizenship, European communication policy and opportunities in Europe for young people. I learnt more about communication tools and I improved my language skills, and I’m confident that these new abilities will help me to find a job more easily. I would definitly recommend an EVS experience to others because in my opinion it represents a great opportunity to experience your skills and abilities in a work context where the intercutural dialogue is the base and from where you can really learn a lot."


  15 November 2007-15 November 2008

Title of the Project: "Snowballing European Citizenship"


Joanna Smigiel (Poland):

"Having worked as an EVS volunteer I became fully competent with MS Office package and administrative duties. Assisting in organizing of various events (conferences and workshops) helped me to develop my organizational skills. Being involved in developing of the European projects I possessed necessary project management competences and developed my interpersonal and communication skills. I also gained extensive experience in communications through my contacts with journalists and various international organizations. This gave me good understanding of the challenges of working in multinational environment where English is used on a daily basis. The professional experiences I have gained during the EVS project also includes: team-working, multitasking with set deadlines and collaborating with people in a multicultural environment, which helped me developing my intercultural competences. During my project I’ve learnt a lot: starting from policy-making, work of the EU Budget when seeking funding for NGOs, lobbying the EU Institutions effectively, to exercising our rights as EU citizens and providing forums for discussion and real change. Working in a completely new environment was a big challenge at the beginning, but I overcame problems I faced and became competent and comfortable in what I did after couple of months."


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