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Here follows the services provided to ECAS members: 


Contribution: 50 € per year:
- Free copy of the annual ECAS guide to European funding for NGOs;
- Monthly newsletters, providing: news from the EU, calls for proposals and invitations to tender, consultation procedures, forthcoming EU and CSO events, extensive news in brief.
This funding and monitoring service is user-friendly and brief, always giving contact details and links further exposing items of particular interest.


Contribution: 250 € per year. 
All the services provided to friends of ECAS above and in addition:
- Access to ECAS staff and experts for follow up services;
- First-level advice about the appropriate funding opportunities for the organisation;
- Response to enquiries about how to respond to particular calls for proposals in order to increase the chance of success;
- First-level assistance in seeking partners in other EU Member States and neighbouring countries;
- Finding and making contacts in the EU Institutions or with other European associations and networks;
- Promotion of the association and specific events on the ECAS website.


Contribution: 1000 € per year. 
All the services of Friends of ECAS and Associate members described above, but with the expectation of more continuous strategic support in addition going beyond first-level assistance. 
Examples include:
- Assistance with a fundraising strategy, including selection of the best potential sources of European funding and co-funding;
- Help with drafting a response to a particular call for proposals in order to meet the criteria;
- Finding partners in other EU Member States and neighbouring countries;
- Assistance with contacts in the EU Institutions and the organisation of study visits, exchange or mentoring programmes;
- Legal advice on creating or designing the statutes of the association;
- Help with the organisation of events in Brussels, such as press conferences or seminars, making ECAS contacts and databases available.


Contribution: 5000 € per year. 
All the services of Friends of ECAS, Associate and Full members. In addition to the services of other categories, partner members have a special status within ECAS, which is the subject of reciprocal agreement and recognition. Partner members make a substantial contribution, which is set at 5000 euro or the equivalent in-kind contribution or pro-bono work.
An agreement between ECAS and a partner member covers one or a combination of the following situations:
- The partnership gives the member concerned a lead role in one of the 12 items on the ECAS 3-year programme, round which other members may form a network;
- The organisation is recognised as a national partner of ECAS around a contact point for the European citizens' house.
The advantages to the partner include:
- Rights to reproduce and use the ECAS guide to European funding and the monthly newsletters in their national market; Participation in projects obtained by ECAS with the European Commission and other funders;
- Recognition of the agreement and the partner on the ECAS website;
- Reports, recommendations and all other communication stemming from such a partnership agreement to take the form of joint publication under the logos and ownership jointly of ECAS and the partner.

“Members of ECAS should be non-profit making civil society organisations. If a member is a public or semi-public authority, he or she must show support for the objectives of the association and a commitment to civil society development. Membership of ECAS excludes the pursuit of commercial interests. Members of ECAS can represent any geographical level - local, regional, national, European or international. Members can be natural or legal persons.” (ECAS Statutes, Article 6).

If you feel ECAS responds to you needs, and want to join our organization please fill out the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and return it to us. For any additional information please do not hesitate to write to members[at]

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