What are our objectives?
ECAS' objectives are described under 3 C's

C1.  Civil Society

ECAS can take credit for enlarging NGO representation at European level, but the Institutions still appear remote, complex, and provide little guidance on the way they want to inter-relate with members of civil society.  We can help make the EU easy. 

Our priorities are:

  • to enlarge access to European funding by offering members a free annual guide to EU funding with monthly updates of calls for proposals;
  • to organise training and study visits for CSOs from EU and neighbouring countries in order to encourage cross-border networking and participation in the EU cohesion and other policies;
  • to promote a framework agreement between the EU and civil society which is open and operates at different geographical levels.

C2.  Citizens' rights to free movement

ECAS is an advice service for individuals as well as NGOs.  We run hotlines and our team of legal experts has handled over 50,000 complaints.

Our priorities are:

  • to run Your Europe Advice to a high standard of efficiency in order to solve cross-border complaints;
  • to campaign for better enforcement of European citizens' rights to free movement;
  • to create a network of European migrants' rights advisors and develop cross-border training and mentoring.

C3.  Citizenship and governance

ECAS' first two objectives cannot be achieved without a third: a real change in the administrative culture of the Institutions to make them open and accountable to citizens.

Our priorities are:

  • to campaign for a more inclusive and meaningful European citizenship; 
  • to analyse freedom of information in the EU institutions and policies on communication and citizen participation;
  • to support users of the right to citizens' initiatives (the one million signatures) so that they succeed.
  • To further all these priorities ECAS has embarked on an ambitious venture to create a European citizens' house.

If you feel ECAS reflects your aims and corresponds to your needs, please contact us with any queries you may have or just join at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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